Apr 2012 11

Apr 2012 20


Traction OFF did it again! Our driver Muath Al Essa won 1st place in Redbull CPD Alkhobar and will be joining Mubarak in the Beirut Finale!


Sep 2012 19

I have been working with the National Bank of Kuwait on the Credit Cards Summer Campaign to introduce a Kuwaiti talent video. This was a great opportunity for Traction OFF and the talented Kuwaiti youth/boys I worked with that hopefully will be the beginning for great potential to rise for new ideas to knock on the door of the automotive and marketing industry. On behalf of the crew that made this ad become possible in such a professional matter, I really appreciate the support we received from the National Bank of Kuwait and McLaren Kuwait. We wish the best for a lucky person that will drive away with the McLaren MP4-12C on the 28th of September in the Avenues Mall from 4pm – 7pm.


Producer: Action8 media productions
Director: Abdulrahman Al-Khamis
Concept Director: Mubarak M. Al-Rumaidhi
D.O.P: Ala’a Al-Hosany
Camera & Lighting: Sobah Al-Jendeel
Camera men: Fahad al-Rashed & Bader Al-Rashed
Music: One shot Productions, Ayad Al-Sa’ad & Mishal Al-Mane’
Editor: Redha Mohammed
Colorist: Mina Malekapor
Stunt Driver: Traction OFF Team – Mubarak M. Al-Rumaidhi


I would like to also thank the photographers for the great work they have done.. I will be posting about them soon..


Abdulla Al-Failakawi

Abdulwahab Al-Awadhi

Hamad Al-Fadhli



Mubarak Al-Rumaidhi

Oct 2012 24

Our team has made it to the final round of the RedBull Car Park Drift competition in Jordan with two champions. The only team with two drivers qualifying to the final competition at Jordan against 12 champions from different countries. Mubarak Al-Rumaidhi from Kuwait, the team manager and main driver faced mechanical issues in the rear differential which unfortunately caused him to lose the first qualifying run. Muath Al-Essa from Saudi Arabia, has qualified to the top 6 drivers but has lost his run making him lose the chance to win the final run. Click here for some pictures from the practice runs and final competition…





Dec 2012 02

يعلن فريق “Traction OFF” أن البطل معاذ العيسى إنظم إلى فريق “فورد الجزيرة” و لم ننسى مشاركته معنا خلال موسم 2012 في عدة مشاركات.. متمنيين لمعاذ العيسى كل التوفيق في المستقبل!


The champion Muath Al-Essa has left “Traction OFF Team” and joined “Ford Aljazeera Racing” , we won’t forget his participation with us during the 2012 season in several events… Wish Muath Al-Essa all the best in the future!