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NBK's McLaren

This is story of the making of the National Bank of Kuwait’s (NBK’s) McLaren (Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive Group) ad that I posted about earlier. When I accepted this project I was emphasizing on opportunity and chances for Kuwaiti youth that don’t usually happen. In my case I was seeking an under-development athlete sponsorship contract for 2 years to start focusing on paving a path for a career in the automotive field. I was losing chances of getting a contract for me at the time, but what always kept me going is my drive and passion to motorsports and believing that it’s possible to actually make things work by giving in more commitment. I just had to sacrifice the easy life of a routine work environment and seek high risk chances that usually make a difference by making the most out of any possible opportunity I get for something I know I’m good at. After accepting the offer, I went on with the journey to seek for a Kuwaiti filming director that is looking for the same opportunity as I am, which is doing a job for a big entity such as NBK and McLaren Kuwait.

After almost 5 weeks of research and contacting directors from different fields, I was starting to lose hope because I barely had 2 weeks left until the deadline and I still don’t have anyone on-board. The coincidence was that one day I was having coffee early morning before work at a cafe across the street and I was desperately asking the guys if anyone knows a young Kuwaiti director that wants to work with cars for a big project. One of the guys calmly asked me to take down a number and call the guy, all he said is his name was Abdulrahman Al-Khamis and he’s a talented director. The same day after work I called Abdulrahman and I started explaining briefly over the phone, his reply was, come down to the office at 8pm and we’ll talk. Went down to his office the same day, I was trying to promote that this is a great opportunity for talented people like himself to take advantage of it, he understood me immediately and we kept talking a lot and shared many matters about the idea. He liked the idea but wasn’t too sure about it because it wasn’t going on TV, and my agreement with NBK was that it would not be broadcasted on TV, but it will be shared via social media. Still that didn’t matter much to him, and he accepted the offer. We started meeting regularly with the crew he usually works with, brainstorming ideas on the locations and how the story line should be.

I also remembered that there was a great photographer called Abdulwahab Al-Awadhi that took pictures of us during the RedBull Car Park Drift (CPD) – Kuwait competition (February 2012). I started calling random people from the Traction OFF Facebook page until I got a hold of him, apparently he was an 18 year old freshman at Kuwait University. I asked him to call his fellow photographers to meet up as soon as possible, then I contacted Hamad Al-Fadhli, an old friend that I haven’t seen for years that has been posting pictures on Instagram recently. After we met I realized that these guys have great potential and they were very passionate about taking pictures of cars specifically. We met and agreed on the time and location that we will be shooting for the ad, then we met with the people from NBK to see what else we can do to help those talented young men get exposed. The NBK team was very supportive to offer stands in the Avenues on the draw date hanging the photographers’ photos with their names and contacts for the public.

Ofcourse I wont forget and I really appreciate the support of the people that helped us, either close friends or friends of friends or local residents from various arab countries that were either part of the filming crew or from the other entities. The main thing was, that everyone was enjoying filming regardless of the summer weather conditions (about 45C). The interesting part was that one of the policemen had a ride with me before shooting one of the scenes and the two guys from the medical team also had passenger rides by the end of the day. Even the NBK staff enjoyed some quick runs between scenes to have a feeling of pushing the McLaren MP4-12C to its limits.

We had about 2 weeks left before the draw date in the Avenues mall. All the paperwork for the location was set with the competent ministries such as the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health. The support of the great managers at the National Bank of Kuwait came in early morning to share with us the experience, also McLaren Kuwait’s marketing managers were available with another McLaren just in-case we needed another car to mount a camera on. It took us 11 hours to shoot the ad and the director finished editing the video within 2 days, and everyone from NBK and McLaren was quite impressed by the ad.

I’ll keep you with the video of the making…

Producer: Action8 media productions
Director: Abdulrahman Al-Khamis
Concept Director: Mubarak M. Al-Rumaidhi
D.O.P: Ala’a Al-Hosany
Camera & Lighting: Sobah Al-Jendeel
Camera men: Fahad al-Rashed & Bader Al-Rashed
Music: One shot Productions, Ayad Al-Sa’ad & Mishal Al-Mane’
Editor: Redha Mohammed
Colorist: Mina Malekapor
Stunt Driver: Traction OFF Team – Mubarak M. Al-Rumaidhi


Abdullah Al-Failakawi – @Instagram @abdullah_ikarusy
Abdulwahab Al-Awadhi – Instagram @alawadhiphotography
Hamad Al-Fadhli – Instagram @ta9weer




Mubarak Al-Rumaidhi

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