Red Bull Car Park Drift (CPD)
May 2013 29

Red Bull CPD has been around for several years now and most car enthusiast either heard about it or know someone who has been to one of their events. The middle east has seen their exponential growth and Red Bull CPD 2012 is the definition of their growth, from participants to audience, to car manufacturers sponsoring their event and teams forming under manufacturers names such as Aljazeera Ford Racing and Toyota Emirates Drifting Team. However, the origins of this sparkling different type of motorsport in drifting were not clearly known. All we know is its not the usual drifting we know about, instead its being hosted in parking lots between obstacles similar to gymkhana. I will leave you with an interesting video from Red Bull to have a better understanding on the birth of Red Bull CPD…




Mubarak Al-Rumaidhi

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